How To Choose The Best Driving Instructor

Taking a test drive is something we all hope is the right way to choose the best car. But what if you are asked to choose the best driving instructor? Is there any way to find the right person who can provide you with the best driving instruction? Of course there is!

Choosing the right driving instructor can not only save your time, but also money. So, choose wisely. Each instructor has their own style of teaching. It may work for one, but not for another. The moment you find your instructor unfit to teach you things, change your instructor immediately. To select the right one, here are some guidelines in supporting your decision.

The first thing you need to check is their capability. For this, look at their pass rates. The higher they are the better the driving instructor. The high number of passing candidates indicates that the standard of teaching is good. However, if the pass rate is low than that can mean they don’t teach you properly or ensure that you are ready for the driving test.

Recommendations or word of mouth is the best way to find an ideal instructor for you. Find out the reasons that make a driving instructor good or bad. Ask your friends or relatives who directed you to them and then ask more questions to your driving instructor before you take your final decision.

Find out about pricing, what each driving school charges varies widely for driving instruction. However, the cost doesn’t define their service quality as the cheapest doesn’t necessarily mean poor quality and highest doesn’t mean it’s the best one. So, looking for an ideal instructor for you is more important than cost.

Check their badges. Badges may sound new to you. In simple terms, it is similar to the color of the belt received in karate. It shows your knowledge and experience. No driving instructor can start to teach you anything unless he has pink or green badge. The pink badge indicates the driving instructor is a trainee instructor and is working to become a fully qualified. He has the complete knowledge about driving, but only lacks experience. The green badge is for those who have passed all the examinations and is approved to be a driving instructor.

So, as you can see it is very easy to find the right person to give you driving instruction. However, I personally recommend going with one that is recommended by your friends or relatives, and one that has a green badge because they are the most qualified and have all the expertise that you are looking for in your driving instructor.